Vicksburg Historical Society

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Historic Speaker Series


Historic Speaker's Series

7 - 8:30 PM

Vicksburg Community Center, 100 S. Main Street

The Historical Society organizes a variety of presentations on topics involving the history of the Vicksburg area, as part of its mission to interpret and present history in an engaging format for all to enjoy. All presentations are free to the public and include light refreshments.

Tuesday, May 17

Vicksburg’s Quilt Trail (held at Vicksburg District Library)

National author, Suzi Parron, takes us on a humorous journey along the national quilt trail from the first barn quilt painted in Ohio in 200; features over 100 stunning photographs from around the country including a book signing of “Following the Barn Quilt Trail” with a section devoted to the Vicksburg Quilt Trail. 

Tuesday, June 21

Battle of Sunset Lake

The country’s history formed during the Revolutionary War will be examined by A.J. Hartman, teacher of history in Schoolcraft. His presentation will focus on the pivotal battles of the war and how we almost lost to the British. His talk is a prelude to The Battle of Sunset Lake, sponsored by Society to be held from June 25-26.

Tuesday, July 19

Secret’s of the Vicksburg Museum

Every object in the Society’s collection has a tale to tell, whether it’s an autograph book from the 19th century, Native American artifacts, each is important to preserve and learn about. Come and see for yourself the secrets entrusted to us to preserve.

Tuesday, August 16

WWII Home Front Industries-Vicksburg & Kalamazoo

Well known local historian Steve Rossio tells the story of how the challenges of supplying out fighting forces changed Michigan into one of the most important states in the war effort becoming “The Arsenal for Democracy", producing tanks and bombers.

Tuesday, October 18

The Old Sauk Trail – U.S. 12

A quaint, quizzical and quirky (yet curiously informative) slide lecture by guide Dr. John S. Geisler, as we visit museums, inns, a vintage meat market, theaters, rocks, land offices, tombs, railroad stations, camelback bridge, and a featherbone factory.

Tuesday, November 15

Medieval Mysteries

Mel Starr, medieval mystery writer, tells the tale, spiced with humor, of his remarkable character, Hugh de Singleton, a 14th century surgeon, bailiff, and social commentator. Using logic, observation and diligent effort he solves capital crimes.