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Lotus Lily

Vicksburg was once famous for the beautiful American Lotus water lilies that grew in great profusion on Sunset Lake. Sight-seers thronged to the area each summer, with hundreds arriving in town on specially chartered excursion trains, just to see the spectacle of the cream-colored, saucer-sized blossoms, which opened over a period of about three weeks in August. They diminished over the years, blossoming for the last time in 1930. Their origin and reason(s) for disappearance is still a mystery.

Lotus Lilies: This photo post card was published by drug store owner O. B. Dunning from a hand-colored photograph taken by local photographer William Koons. It is postmarked 1912.  

Another view of the Sunset Lake lotus lilies, postmarked 1909.  The photograph is by Dr. C. R. Scott whose office was above O. B. Dunnings & Sons' drug store.