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September 14, 2017

It’s Not Just the Market

A couple of weeks ago, as I walked home with my Backpack of Goodness filled with treats found at the Vicksburg Farmers’ Market, I happened upon a very cool sight.  

An older gentleman, who was carrying his own Bags of Goodness, was exploring the gas station at the Vicksburg Historic Village with someone who appeared to be his granddaughter. As I watched them enjoying each other’s company, chatting and laughing with one another in the golden light of another beautiful Friday afternoon in southwest Michigan, it struck me that there’s treasure to be found in this corner of the Village.

I tend to be an ‘Eyes on the Prize’ Market-goer, driven to find what’s fresh and to spend a few minutes catching up with friends and vendors before dashing home to prep dinner before it gets too deep into the evening, but this experience drove me to widen my view.

Think about it.

In the space between the railroad tracks and the Brady Township Hall, there are a dozen living history pieces, a beautiful, flower filled, community garden and the Market.

So much. So good.

It’s challenged me to slow down a little and to bring more of an explorer’s spirit to my Friday afternoon. Now, I’m resolved to stop and check out how the garden plots are coming along and to poke my head into at least one of the Historic Village’s buildings each week (I talked to April from the Vicksburg Historical Society, and she has confirmed that the buildings are purposefully opened and available to explore on Market days) just to see what they have to offer.

The results have been fantastic.  

The old Ford in the gas station, the crazy, mint green booths and time-warped menus at the Sweet Shop...  and the flowers in the community garden... fuchsia, orange, crimson... such a garish display...

I’m finding that I need to buy more plums for snacking on as I amble my way toward home, though.

--John Kern

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